Monday, September 12, 2011

"Power Yoga is about working hard sensitively. It's about feeling good, not just looking good. The tone and shapeliness you attain from this work is a by-product. The focus here is balance and healing."  Bryan Kest

Join me at YOP every Tuesday and Thursday 9:15 am (beginning Sept 27) for a challenging ~ yet sensitive "Power Yoga" practice that will leave you feeling strong, balanced and blissful.  If you are thinking Yoga is way too passive to give your body the boost it needs to look and feel great then you haven't tried my "Power Yoga" class.  Power Yoga includes physical discipline and self exploration - integrating mind, body and breath.  This practice includes postures, breath work and relaxation techniques.  In addition to experiencing boundless energy and bliss, with a regular Power Yoga practice, you will begin to notice many other positive changes including:  More Stamina, speedier recovery from other strenuous workouts, greater balance in muscles and joints, ease in joints, body awareness, improvement in breathing functions, a release of lactic acid, improved sleeping patterns, less anxiety and much, much more.....

Yoga offers tremendous health and wellness benefits for everyone and it has become very popular among athletes and sport enthusiasts everywhere!  Join me now for a path to a Better Me and You!

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