Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Heartfelt Thank You.......

Dear Beverly,
This is just a little update on Robert.  We want to thank all who have come forward to contribute to Robert during this difficult time for him.  You do not know how tremendously such contributions help.  Robert is looking much brighter and stronger than we have ever seen in him before and I know this is due to his basic needs being met.  He has got a bike now and tools to help him continue in his work and all of this is exactly what was needed.

If anyone would like to hire Robert for any odd jobs or window washing, etc, I am sure he would be thankful for the opportunity.

This is also to mention that his rental for February is due on February 1st, and we are asking once again for any contribution you feel you would like to make towards Robert's fund for this purpose.  Believe me, every little bit helps tremendously.  We are very grateful and it is touching to see the effect your kindness has had on another individual.  Robert is very moved by the care and concern shown by You.

Again, the details for contributions to Robert's fund are as follows:

RB Fund c/o Beverly Burt 
2800 Old Dawson Road 
Suite 2 /  PMB 289 
Albany, Ga.  31707 

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