Saturday, August 24, 2013

MY POWER YOGA Classes coming soon......

Beverly Burt ERYT 500
I am very passionate about promoting good health through the practice of Yoga, Physical Exercise, Proper Diet, Seasonal Routines and Conscious Living.  I am a Power Yoga Teacher and a T M Meditator and also a student of Ayurveda.  My classes are eclectic and fun, not always predictable.  Each practice is designed to empower YOU to feel energetic, stronger, more fluid and open - Mentally and Physically!  My POWER YOGA Classes will enhance Flexibility of Mind, Body and Spirit!

Prana is Vital Energy ~ pervading the Whole Body!

"Stiffness of the body is due to blocked Prana and the accumulation of Toxins.  When Prana begins to flow (with a regular and fluid physical Yoga practice), the toxins are removed from the system, ensuring the Health of the Whole Body.  As the body becomes supple, Yoga postures that seemed impossible become easy to perform, and steadiness and grace of movement develop."     
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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