Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ayurveda comes to Albany in September!

 "Balance and Bliss" Ayurveda comes to Albany in September! 

Bringing YOU Balance and Bliss - Inside & Out


the science of life 

the original medicine of India

the study of our connection with the rhythms of nature

a system of preventative health care, rejuvenation and longevity

a contemporary way of life that creates harmony through personal balance 

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Contact Information:

Denise and Kevin O'Dunn Phone: 727-417-4006
Email: balanceandbliss@gmail.com www.balanceandbliss.com
Local Contact: Beverly Burt 229-344-7273 

We will be in Albany offering Panchakarma programs, Consultations and Treatments from September 11th to October 2nd

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